Sam Boraie Redesigns the New Brunswick City

Boraie Development firm is a real estate company based in New Jersey that specializes in modern urban development. Omar Boraie is the president of the enterprise. Before founding Boraie Development, Omar was a chemistry scholar. It was in one of the numerous tours to the world that he developed interests in real estate field. When Mr. Boraie compared what he had seen in countries like Europe and what was in his hometown New Brunswick, they were way far behind the world. He decided to borrow their ideas and implement them in order to build and redesign his hometown. He started working on is his dream in 1972, and everyone thought he was crazy. According to the article published through Central Jersey Working Moms, Omar indicated that the New Brunswick people left the town immediately after working hours and the city would remain deserted. He decided to work on run-down buildings and block 21 vacant. You can visit Bloomberg to know more about the company.

New Brunswick Transformed to Modern City

He built high-rise condos and office in the deserted plots of land. Some developers thought the idea was not going to succeed. He decided to buy off some plots of land and unfinished building structures along the Albany Street. In early 1980, the Albany Street Tower Plaza was completed. By 1990, New Brunswick had a 250, 000 square foot high rise building with well-designed offices. After this venture, Omar realized that the town needed residential units for the people so that they stop commuting to other cities for accommodation. By 2007, he had completed the Spring Street Condominium tower, which has 121 units, a 25 story structure, with parking garage, and retail shop space. The modern building was built in a similar architecture like the one in New York City. Being an Egyptian immigrant, Omar had competitive experience in buildings and construction.

Boraie Development Firm Overview

Boraie Development provides a variety of services in the urban real estate market such as sales and marketing, property management and real estate development. Sam Boraie privately owns the company.The firm offers unparalleled services to the clients and builds spectacular properties. It has a team of qualified architects, urban planners, contractors and work with reputable financial institutions to ensure timely completion of customers’ projects. The sale and marketing department has the Boraie Realty subsidiary, which has over $100 million sales in commercial and residential transactions. Their vision is to keep their sale knowledge proprietary by integrating asset management and development to understand key factors that predict intricacies for all growth and development of the firm. Reference

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