The Secrets of Roberto Santiago’s Success

Do you know the hassle of establishing a shopping center and some things that need to be accounted for before constructing the building? There are so many variables, and those are the main reasons why many shopping malls end up failing. The cost of building such a massive buying center and not planning the entire thing until the end is a receipt for disaster.

Roberto Santiago knew this very well. By putting all his knowledge into developing a robust plan for a shopping center in the Brazilian state of Paraíba, one of the most populous ones in the region that it is situated, Santiago would become one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the area.

The Manaíra Shopping was built in Manaíra, João Pessoa, and it was inaugurated in 1989, having been in development phase for two consecutive years. Although it wasn’t that long of a waiting time for a shopping center with the length of Manaira Shopping, the community of João Pessoa was keen to see the full project with their own eyes. Know more about Roberto Santiago at

When the shopping center was finally ready to receive its customers, the first few days were rough, as the high amount of people coming and going from the building was not compensating the expensive cost of the project. However, as Roberto Santiago did not fully know yet, customers tend to visit the shopping center to walk with their friends and have lunch together, but rarely do they buy a lot of things at the local shops. When weekends started to come by, Roberto Santiago saw the real potential of the Manaíra Shopping, and all the expenses of the initial project became a small percentage of what the buying center was accumulating every month.

The entrepreneur got excited with the development of his creation, and he did not rest assured that it would be a success. Instead, he has been making decisions and changes to improve the shopping center he created since day 1, making full renovations, rebuilding and expansions of the territory. The constant dedication of the administrator was the primary reason on why the Manaíra Shopping became the most renowned center in Paraíba.

Among the changes that the entrepreneur made to his building, in 2014, there was a crucial one, a redesign of the lunch area where he established a “gourmet area” where Brazilians and tourists could visit eccentric and unusual restaurants who served foods of the most distinct origin. That was a great idea, and the reception was extremely positive.

The shopping has a focus on leisure, and one of these examples is the top quality cinema that the building has the open area where kids can run and have a lot of fun together, and the Domus Hall, a concert area where shows and presentations take place for the customers of the Manaíra Shopping. The Domus Hall is located on top of the building, and it is one of the most visited places by tourists who pass by João Pessoa.

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The secret of the success of Roberto Santiago is: Planning until the end. Making the best decisions reduces the chances of error, but there is always a bit of luck mixed in as well.

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