Sussex Healthcare Medical News Recap

Sussex Healthcare, which operates facilities on the southern coast of England, has been providing specialized care to informed and elderly adults for more than 30 years.

In 1985, Sussex Healthcare opened its first facility. Currently, the provider has more than 20 facilities operating under its corporate brand. In addition to their full-care, assisted living units, the company also offers a state-of-the-art gym and daycare facility for residents in need.

Sussex Healthcare’s staff, including its two co-chairmen, Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani, has brought their diverse skill sets, dedication, and experience to servicing the residents and surrounding community. The combination of Boghani’s background in hotel management and Sachedina’s experience as a dentist and surgeon has helped to establish the vibrant and award-winning adult care network for which the company is known.


This commitment to care has made the company the largest provider of residential and nursing care in the region. The skilled and dedicated healthcare professionals employed by these facilities balance the needs of the patients while maintaining an eye towards the future via embracing modern technology.

The services offered include a wide range of therapy options and exercise programs that address the residents’ physical concerns, as well as their mental health needs. These programs are designed to treat patients with a variety of neurological, musculoskeletal, and respiratory conditions. Some of the approaches include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, vestibular therapy, reflexology, and hydrotherapy treatment options. This is in conjugation with stretching, strengthening, mobility, endurance, and gait re-education for those with posture, balance, and other ambulatory impairments due to illness and/or injury.

Sussex Healthcare facilities follow a philosophy of caring for their residents and the community at large via sourcing ingredients locally whenever possible. They also offer flexible menu options for those with specific dietary needs. The facilities are also committed to providing residents with a comfortable and homey atmosphere. To that end, they offer a wide range of activities end events at each residential facility. Transportation is also provided to Sussex Healthcare’s specialized facilities and the surrounding areas, as well as regular, planned excursions.

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Rocketship Education Is Helping Students Across The Country Find Great Results

Rocketship Education is one of the latest programs in the market for improving education for students around the country. To date, Rocketship Education has started up various charters schools that have majorly helped low-income families with opportunities for higher learning for their kids. In 2017 alone there were more than 25,000 students enrolled in Rocketship Education schools taking advantage of this unique educational opportunity. Rocketship Education currently provides education for elementary students and the majority of students that are enrolled are from low-income families, which is helping many communities around the country reach higher levels of learning.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit organization and the majority of their funding comes from donations and sponsors like Andre Agassi. Thanks to this support from individuals who believe in a better educational system for all students, not just those that can pay for it, Rocketship Education continues to improve their budget and expand into new cities. The latest cities in question are Memphis, New Orleans, and Washington. Not only does Rocketship help low-income families, but they work with students and families to ensure they can attend and finish school regardless of the issues they are facing.

What makes Rocketship Education so special is the incredible quality of education offered to every student in their enrollment. The principles are the core of the Rocketship system have allowed students to excel in their learning and it has even shown in testing. Students in the Rocketship Education system have scored some of the highest scores to date within their own districts as well as all throughout the United States. Rocketship has a unique curriculum that is a hybrid of different teaching methods to help every student learn to their maximum potential. With a standard education alongside tutoring for every student and the latest devices and tools for learning, every student is able to keep up and learning at a rate that suits them. Rocketship schools properly engage all of their students to help them realize their true potential and create a foundation for a successful future.

Frontera Fund – DACA

The issue of illegal immigrants has affected not only the old generation but also the young people. Therefore to protect the innocent children from the detrimental effects of being deported there is a fund known as Frontera. Under the DACA program, there is a fund which is referred to as Frontera Fund helps the youth from imminent deportation. DACA is an abbreviation for Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals provides the young people who are undocumented and meet certain standards reprieve from being deported an opportunity to work and social number which is renewable after two years. In most federal states the students are allowed to acquire driver’s license as well as access state-tuition fees among other benefits.


For an individual to be considered for the program, he or she must have to meet specific requirements as follows: For instance one of the conditions is that one must be under the age of 31 years old as from June 2012.The other requirement is the individual must have been in the United States before his or her 16th birthday. Besides the other condition is that one must have lived in the United States continuously from the year 2007 until the present. The applicant must be present physically in the United States from June 15 up to the time of application. To apply an individual must have been in the United States without documents before June or his or her lawful stay in the country expired on June 15 June 2012.The other requirement is that the applicant is currently studying or has recently graduated from the high school or been honorably discharged from military or coast guard or earned high school certificate of completion of GED or high school. Lastly, the applicant must not have been convicted of any felony or any other harmful engagement with authority.


Despite the Frontera Fund and DACA engaging itself in such noble activities, some parties within the government want the whole program suspended. The extremist members of the GOP have initiated vicious attacks on the program, and this negatively affects the lives of millions young immigrants networks and organization. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has addressed the President and his administration asking him to rescind the program by September and if their demands are not meet there will be legal consequences. In their letter which has names of nine attorney generals and one governor proposes for phasing off rather than abrupt termination and this means there will be no new renewals.


The program protects more than 800000 individuals and the court cases posses a real challenge since the gain made can be eroded.

For instance, the DACA program is in its fifth year of implementation, and the benefits are tangible for all. Notably, more than 95% of the beneficiaries of DACA work, study or engage on both of them within the United States. As a result, they contribute significantly regarding college and university fees. In case they become employed they pay taxes to the government which is higher compared to the residents. Lastly, the DACA beneficiaries invest back to the economy through buying homes and investing.