EOS Review: Crystal Hibiscus Peach

The EOS reviewer in the recent online video was extremely excited to have found an EOS product that she has been searching for in local stores for quite some time: the EOS Crystal Hibiscus Peach. It is a clear product which contains zero beeswax and offers weightless hydration for your lips with five nourishing oils, including shea, oil olive, and avocado oil.

The exterior packaging is rather basic, while the actual packaging surrounding the useable lip product was quite similar to the traditional EOS sphere with a slightly pointier curvature, a different color, and a bit of shimmer to it. The price was considered quite reasonable by the reviewer at just over $5.

When opening the product, the reviewer discovered that it was clear instead of the traditionally opaque EOS offerings. The scent was a pleasant, fresh peach smell that seemed quite pleasing to the user. Upon applying the balm, the reviewer noted that it was one of the smoothest applications that she had ever personally experienced.

After an exceptionally thorough review of the EOS Crystal Hibiscus Peach Lip Balm, the reviewer gave the product an overall rating of 9 out of 10 with absolutely nothing negative to say about it. She did mention that it smelled so wonderfully that if she were to slightly alter any one aspect of the balm that she would have given it a slightly stronger scent.

The reviewer was also quite pleased to discover that the EOS product that she reviewed was not tested on animals. It was also noted to be a vegan product which she felt absolutely justified the slightly higher price point very easily.

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