Herbalife Nutrition Ltd Expected to Achieve Significant Growth in 2019

Herbalife Nutrition Ltd, a renowned wellness company, has become a preferred pick for many investors as seen through the surge in the company stock by 68.7%. It is a result of the company’s sturdy products portfolio and its widening global presence. Since the last quarter of 2018, Herbalife volume points have been experiencing steady growth. They have advanced by 15%, which is the highest level of volume points growth the company has ever achieved in the last six years. The volume growth depicts the growth that the company has achieved in four markets. It is also an illustration that its direct-selling strategy is effective.

According to bizjournals the portfolio strength of Herbalife Nutrition Ltd and its strong presence in the global market are expected to continue steering its volume growth. Its selling fitness products, weight management products as well as targeted nutrition products. Its growing portfolio helps the distributors to attract and also retain customers. In the third quarter of 2018, it had introduced 58 products, and it is anticipating the release of new flavors of its brands that considers the market preference and the local tastes.

Further, the Herbalife Nutrition products are available in over 94 countries around the globe, and its top ten nations were responsible for 71% of the sales the company realized in 2017. Although its global presence exposes it to risks of currency movements, it is expected to overcome this hurdle by focusing on solidifying its brands and by creating a strong network that shall boost its performance. Considering the strong past performance of Herbalife Nutrition Ltd, it is expected to remain in the good books of investors even in the year 2019.

By the end of 2018, at least 38 hedge funds were holding a bullish position in the company stock which was an increase from the 32 at the begging of the year. Some of the investment companies that have been holding the most significant stakes include Icahn Capital LP that holds stocks valued at $1.92 billion, Renaissance Technologies at $414.6 million Deccan Value Advisors, among others. There are also individual investors who hold long positions in the company.

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