Wes Edens Is Changing Travel

Some people have questioned some of the investing bets that entrepreneur, co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, and co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks Wes Edens has made, but his track record of proven returns has shown that sometimes betting on the underdog is the right financial move to make. One of these underdogs that he has supported is the private passenger train company Brightline that is based out of Florida.

While Brightline may have gone through some difficult times financially, things are looking very good as they are transitioning to the new branding of Virgin Trains USA. Richard Branson had spoken with Wes Edens about the potential that he saw in the company when the first stops were first opening. Virgin also owns Virgin Trains UK and is familiar with the private railway market and has a lot of plans for the soon to be former Brightline. They may have only begun running trains from West Palm Beach to Miami within the last few years, but they have already opened a new stop in Orlando where many popular vacation, as well as local destinations, are located. Read more on fortress.com

One of the expansions that Wes Edens has in mind when it comes to Brightline are stops that connect Chicago and St. Louis. As the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, he is hoping to eventually be able to connect Chicago and the home city of the NBA team in which he is a co-owner since 2014. Some of the other cities that are in talks about expansion are Atlanta to Charlotte as well as Dallas to Houston. These routes are all highly traveled and account for a lot of traffic congestion as a result.

One of the biggest benefits that Wes Edens believes Brightline will be able to bring the involved cities is a relief of some of the traffic congestion. By choosing to ride Brightline, travelers may be able to save some time and they will be able to relax on their way to where they need to be with free wi-fi and even cafe choices. Virgin and Brightline are bringing some big changes to United States travel.

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