Instagram Is Keeping It Real with The RealReal

Nowadays, you can likely find just about whatever it is that you need or want to find online. Social media is teeming with everything from information to communities but there is one aspect of our lives that we may take for granted – one that seems to be dominating social media – shopping. Online shopping made it’s way into our everyday lives most notably in the 90’s with a little site called eBay, but since then has taken an evolutionary road of it’s own.

The RealReal is an online and in-store shop that sells authenticated, second hand luxury items from Chanel to Balenciaga. The store’s social media has won the hearts of almost 200,000 followers and has sold as much as $100 million (that’s right, I said million) worth of luxury goods. With sales like that, you must be wondering how long this store has been open in order to establish such trusting and dedicated customers.

The RealReal was founded eight years ago in 2011 by Julie Wainwright, who is currently CEO. She created The RealReal, filling in a space that had never been filled before. The RealReal is currently the only online luxury retail store that sells authenticated and inspected second hand items, which begs the question – what exactly are you buying elsewhere?

With tools such as social media, you are able to get an insiders look at the consignment shop with the ability to click posts that display their items modeled beautifully, as well as seeing their experts and authenticity at work. The RealReal is aiding a movement by giving incredible items a second chance at life, and won’t have you asking, “Is that real? I mean, realreal?”