Seeing And Seizing Opportunity, Richard Liu Qiangdong is a leading e-commerce platform in China. With billions in revenues, the company continues to grow due to the vision and unique experiences of it’s founder and CEO, Richard Liu Qiangdong. Born into a traditional Chinese family in 1974, Richard Liu went on to The People’s University of China where he earned his Sociology degree. While studying here, he became interested in computer coding and understood how much potential these skills held for his future. Richard Liu earned an entry level job at Japan Life and quickly was promoted to Director of Computers. He worked under several titles at the company before striking out on his own in 1998 when he opened his own store with the name of Jingdong. He sold magneto-optical products, focusing on selling authorized and authentic products instead of the many counterfeit products that had been getting into the market.

This set him apart and by also focusing on customer service, Richard Liu’s company grew. Soon he had 12 different stores but not long after he was also faced with a challenge that would change he path of his company and future. In 2003 the SARS outbreak in China kept Richard Liu’s customers and employees at home. He lost millions of yuan but soon saw that e-commerce held far more potential than brick and mortar stores. He also saw the shift of how customers shopped during this period and soon shifted his entire business online, closing his brick and mortar stores.

Whereas many would have failed during this period, Richard Liu Qiangdong not only changed his mindset but he adapted to the changes in the way people shopped and grew his company further. Richard Liu developed proprietary e-commerce platforms and focused on providing the best customer service. He eventually set up the world’s largest fleet of drones for same and next day delivery services and began pursuing partnerships with other manufacturers who wanted to sell their authentic items on his platform. In 2017 Richard Liu Qiangdong was a Variety500 Honoree. His net worth is estimated to be approximately $13 billion dollars.

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Wes Edens: The Chairman Of Fortress Investment Group

Companies are doing everything possible to emerge successful. The markets are currently full of companies that are looking for customers. To deal with this competition, investors have to look for the perfect strategies. At the end of the day, the customers must be happy because of the great services they will get from the institution. The people who are working for any company must play their part too so that the needs of the customers are met. The leaders are some of the most vital elements in the modern times. These professionals ensure that the company employees work day and night to meet the goals of the institution. When the company leaders are not honest and hardworking, it can be very difficult to come up with any major profits that can impress the customers. One of the best leaders who are making headlines in America’s corporate world is Wes Edens.

Wes Edens is currently famed to be the chairman of a powerful company that is doing very well in the international platform. The company, known as Fortress Investment Group was brought into the market not long ago, and it is performing better than some of the veterans in the industry. The alternative investment company understands the needs of the modern customer so well, and this is why it has managed to maintained the high standards. Wes Edens has been holding the top position in this company for a while, and he ensures that the company is running in the perfect direction. The businessman knows how to manage the team of employees in the company so that they can all work together for a similar goal.

Wes Edens commands a lot of respect in America at the moment. The businessman spends most of his time working at the Fortress Investment Group. As the chairman of the powerful institution, Wes has so many responsibilities that must be completed in time. The businessman attended school in one of the best institutions that are found in the country, and this explains why he has so much expertise in business. The leadership skills that have been shown by the businessman are out of this world too. Wes takes time to deal with any complains that are coming from his customers, and he ensures that the company has enough funds. The investors in the company are also given the attention they need. Wes believes that all the stakeholders deserve to be treated well.


Randal Nardone’s passion to help

Randal Nardone is a principle and the co-founder of Fortress investment firm. Mr Nardone’s motivation in founding this frim was his desire to help people. Today, everyone is investing. This is a result of popular wisdom; employment makes no one rich. Unfortunately, not many know where or when to invest  money. Stock brokers dupe them for their ignorance and they are back right where they started. For this reason Randal Nardone partnered with like-minded businessmen to come up with a firm that helps investors manage their investments. Fortress investment firm looks for investment opportunities and invests on behalf of its clients. What makes them different from other asset management firms is that they aim at helping investors understand the investment market. Apart firm managing their clients’ assets, the Fortress stuff provides them with vital information about the market.

This enables them to understand the market better. In the long, their clients often become investors in their own right. Randal Nardone serves as the chief operating officer of Fortress. He is in charge of legal matters and structured finances. Before founding this company, Mr Nardone worked as an attorney. He was a partner at Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm. In his years as an attorney, he saw his fair share of investors crying for their money and attempting to recover it through law suits. This peaked his interest in finance. He realised what would help investors more was to have someone who understands the market and its risks to manage their investments.In December 2017, Soft bank acquired Fortress investment firm. Randal Nardone says it is a way to help Fortress manage its finances better.

With Soft bank on board, Fortress has been able to increase its income and strengthen its structures. On the other hand, the acquisition of Fortress has given Soft Bank an opportunity to widen its scope for business. It now had asset management as part of its service portfolio.Though out his career, Mr Nardone has made a name for himself as an excellent worker. He goes an extra mile to ensure his clients get more than they bargained for. This has seen him hold many prestigious positions outside Fortress. Apart from his position as the chief operating officer and co-founder of Fortress, Randal Nardone is a director of Alea Group Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd and Springleaf Finance Corporation and Springleaf Finance Inc. Learn More.

Madison Street Capital: Offering The Very Best To Clients Who Come To Them

Madison Street Capital has always stood out as a company to rival the others in the sector. With a focus on banking needs, the company has grown extensively to become one of the most notable names in the industry. Through the years, Madison Street Capital has tried to maintain a focus on the client and the needs of those who come to them. The company tries to focus on the overall needs of the customer so that they can help them achieve their financial goals. To offer the customers nothing short of the very best, the company has time and again tried to improve themselves and the work that they do.




Even though the company operates mainly out it’s its headquarters in Chicago, the company has offices to reach out to potential clients from all over the world. Currently, Madison Street Capital is not only operational in the United States, but also in Ghana and India. The company takes great care to ensure that the professionals working with them are up to the mark and meet the quality and industry standards that the company lays down. In this manner, the company has managed to set a high standard for the services that they provide, which has gone a long way into ensuring that the company performs at maximum efficiency.




Since the company was first formed, the company has managed to offer its services to a wide range of clients. The company has an extensive portfolio which demonstrates the skill and work that the company has done and the endeavors that it has taken on. Clients coming from a variety of backgrounds have chosen Madison Street Capital over other companies to aid them in their financial and investment endeavors that they are looking forward to taking on.




Because of the work that the company has done since it first opened for business, Madison Street Capital has won several awards from notable organizations and associations. They have been commended for the work that they do, and several distinguished members of the company have been honored for the work that they do. The company has managed to showcase an incredible amount of skill when it comes to the work that they do, and these honors that have been bestowed upon them are just another example of that.




One of the more recent awards that Madison Street Capital was given was for the Debt Financing Deal of the Year Award, which was one that was offered to them because of the work that they had done for WLR Automotive. The company has showcased that they were able to carry out a deal of this kind with absolute confidence, which is what got them considered for this award. They were up against several notable names for this award, but Madison Street Capital still managed to stand out from the rest, emerging as the top scorer on the list. In addition, they were also nominated for some other categories at the M&A Advisor Awards.


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