Paul Saunders Advises Employers on Preventing Employee Burnout

Employers constantly monitor the profitability of their businesses. When they see a dip in the numbers, they often look to see what they can do to increase sales or innovate their products and services. An issue that employers may overlook is employee burnout.

Employee burnout can affect the bottom line of a business in many ways. Paul Saunders of James River Capital Corp. identifies ways employers can help their employees avoid burnout by implementing certain strategies in an article he wrote on Read more about him: Paul Sauders – Principal James River Capital Corp.   and Trader James River | Turtle Trader

Time management and scheduling are important for employees to help them meet deadlines and stay productive. It also helps employees to maintain a sense of being in control of the work they are doing.

Paul Saunders points out that time management and scheduling shouldn’t be so rigid that it makes employees feel like there is no flexibility in the work they want to accomplish. The way to avoid this is for employers to take a few minutes to talk with their employees and prioritize which jobs need to be completed first and which job can be completed later.

Employees can feel burned out if they feel they are not being recognized for their hard work. This can happen if they believe they are being overlooked for a promotion or if they feel they are not being properly compensated. Paul Saunders advises employers to keep the lines of communication open and explain to their employees why they are making certain decisions. Employers should offer their employees access to training programs so that employees can feel like they are moving toward getting a promotion or higher compensation.

Burnout can create a change in attitude and loss of confidence. Employees can become easily upset and angry, and they can begin to question the quality of their work. Employers should talk to their employees, get to know them on a personal level, and see if there is anything they can do to help. Suggestions, like setting personal goals or taking up a relaxing hobby, can help to mitigate burnout.

Paul Saunders is the Chairman and CEO of James River Capital Corp. and has years of executive-level experience. James River Capital is an alternative investment firm with over $570 million under management.

The company offers a diversified portfolio of investment products that include asset-backed securities, fixed-income investments, corporate credit, distressed credit, and managed futures trading. James River Capital is based out of Richmond, Virginia and was founded by Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt in 1986.

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