Betsy DeVos is a Lady on a Mission

Many people who are successful in business tend to give for charitable causes, and Betsy DeVos is no different. She comes from a family that boasts of business success. Her husband, Dick Devos, used to be the CEO of Amway and her father-in-law was the founder of Amway. Her father, Edgar Prince, is the founder of Prince Corporation, a highly successful automotive parts dealer. These are impressive bloodlines indeed and Betsy herself is the present United States Secretary of Education. She has been active in politics since the early 1990’s. She served as the Republican National Committeewomen in her home state of Michigan, and as chairwomen of the Michigan Republican Party.

The other hats she has worn include chairwoman of the Alliance for School Choice as well as the All Children Matter PAC. Born and raised in Michigan, she grew up in Holland, Michigan and graduated from Calvin College with a B.A in Economics. Even in those early years, she showed a talent for politics by taking part in campus related political matters.  In fact, she and her family are one of the largest contributors to the Republican party.


Philanthropic Work

It is not only in politics that Betsy has shown her generosity in fund raising as well as giving. She has shown equal enthusiasm for charitable causes also. Along with her husband, she founded the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which has given away millions of dollars towards many charitable causes. The areas in which donations are given are the ones the couple feels strongly about. These can be categorized into five main areas, mainly education, arts, leadership, community, and justice. To date, the foundation has given close to $140 million in donations.

Out of all the different types of causes, it is perhaps education that the DeVos Foundation has given the most to. This is not surprising because education has been close to their hearts even going back several decades. Therefore when she joined the federal government as Secretary of Education, it came as no surprise to those who knew her history and involvement in this field. We can also expect more and more good work from her in this very important area.

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