Regenerative Medicine and the Lung Institute Restore Patients Health

The overwhelming feeling of dread that most feel when discussing a possible cancer diagnosis is indicative of truly how dangerous and disruptive the disease can be for those unfortunate enough to be affected. Adding to the destructive capabilities of the disease are the unfortunate side effects that all too often accompany the very methods used to stop the disease from spreading. The current treatment plans of chemotherapy and radiation leave patients feeling weak, sick, and more fully exposed to infection or other illness. This is not even mentioning the most drastic, severe, yet well known side effect of both treatment options, severe hair loss. In fighting against the disease, patients must deal with significant mental hurdles and these are only magnified by the loss of hair, a symbol of losing a bit of yourself to the disease that can often break even the strongest spirits.

According to the Baylor College of Medicine, patients can opt to instead receive regenerative medicine in favor of the more destructive treatments that most others commonly employ. Regenerative medicine and the use of stem cell therapies have long been touted for their potential to allow patients to heal themselves while avoiding the unwanted symptoms that are associated with other cancer treatments.

The therapies themselves, rely on the body’s own natural healing abilities by tapping into our body’s specialized stem cells. These cells which adapt to the environment in which they are introduced, slow damage while repairing the surrounding cells and promote healthy cellular regeneration.

Thought to be once somewhat controversial, stem cell therapy has progressed so much since the days it was first being employed by medical professionals and has grown into being a widely accepted treatment option for not only just cancer but many other degenerative diseases as well.

Centers specializing in the life-saving treatment have been instrumental in not only ensuring patients have access to the treatment but also in furthering the research being performed. Centers like the Lung Institute are essential in continuing the already vast progress made within regenerative medicine.

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