Betsy DeVos is a Lady on a Mission

Many people who are successful in business tend to give for charitable causes, and Betsy DeVos is no different. She comes from a family that boasts of business success. Her husband, Dick Devos, used to be the CEO of Amway and her father-in-law was the founder of Amway. Her father, Edgar Prince, is the founder of Prince Corporation, a highly successful automotive parts dealer. These are impressive bloodlines indeed and Betsy herself is the present United States Secretary of Education. She has been active in politics since the early 1990’s. She served as the Republican National Committeewomen in her home state of Michigan, and as chairwomen of the Michigan Republican Party.

The other hats she has worn include chairwoman of the Alliance for School Choice as well as the All Children Matter PAC. Born and raised in Michigan, she grew up in Holland, Michigan and graduated from Calvin College with a B.A in Economics. Even in those early years, she showed a talent for politics by taking part in campus related political matters.  In fact, she and her family are one of the largest contributors to the Republican party.


Philanthropic Work

It is not only in politics that Betsy has shown her generosity in fund raising as well as giving. She has shown equal enthusiasm for charitable causes also. Along with her husband, she founded the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which has given away millions of dollars towards many charitable causes. The areas in which donations are given are the ones the couple feels strongly about. These can be categorized into five main areas, mainly education, arts, leadership, community, and justice. To date, the foundation has given close to $140 million in donations.

Out of all the different types of causes, it is perhaps education that the DeVos Foundation has given the most to. This is not surprising because education has been close to their hearts even going back several decades. Therefore when she joined the federal government as Secretary of Education, it came as no surprise to those who knew her history and involvement in this field. We can also expect more and more good work from her in this very important area.

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José Auriemo Neto’s Impressive Rise in the Investment Markets

Brazil is a rapidly growing country in the real-estate industry and this is proven by the enormous investments happen in the country. Companies with global reputations have been setting foot in the southern American Economic giant to cease the opportunities presented by the current growth in the construction sector. One the notable companies that have come up in the country include JHSF led by José AuriemoNeto. This company is making headlines in the Brazilian real estate business and by extension boosting the country’s economy. JHSF is a company known for its iconic projects including malls, luxury hotels, commercial and residential buildings among other high end projects.

At the helm of the company’s leadership sits José Auriemo Neto, who is the CEO of the company and his contribution to the growth of JHSF cannot be undermined. Indeed, Neto has played a major role in breaking the barriers of the market when the company was struggling to rise up. JHSF needed a leader of Neto’s tenacity to break even in the market and be in a position of profitability. The graduate from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University joined the company in the 90’s when his father was still JHSF’s president. At this point, the company was still doing well but no major projects had been realized. Neto’s entry into the company’s decision making table turned everything around.

His first great project after joining JHSF was the Parque Cidade Jardim mall famed as the largest mall in Brazil. This development opened doors for other major projects that have put the company in the highest echelons in the real-estate industry. His skills in business have helped him to develop a side company which acts as a JHSF’s affiliate that manages the company’s parking spaces. The ambitious CEO never stops dreaming big and ever since the first big project he has won numerous equally luxurious the market continues to blossom, investors like Neto are foreseeing great opportunities head and he is definitely very ready to cease them when the opportunity presents itself. Neto has shown impressive leadership skills since he took over JFSH.

A Review Of Jim Tananbaum’s Foresite Capital

Jim Tananbaum is the brain behind a successful healthcare company, Foresite Capital. Under his leadership, the company has been able to invest in over 70 different healthcare corporations. These companies have extensive experience in diagnostics, provision of medical services, genomic sequencing and biopharmaceuticals. The entrepreneur has taken it upon himself to provide healthcare-related companies and entrepreneurs with the much needed capital, connections and information.

Over the years, he has been passionate about the use computer science in the healthcare industry. Jim contends that Foresite means to harness the future of healthcare. Tananbaum says that he decided to establish the company after understanding that for a healthcare company to succeed, it requires adequate resources. To this end, Jim has been offering his services to entrepreneurs who render their services in the healthcare industry. By virtue of being in the industry for long, Jim Tananbaum has been seeking to comprehend all the information that talks about advancements in healthcare. This way, he is well positioned to know the areas that need more investment. Jim is able to determine the investments that guarantee the highest returns.

Today, he works closely with some of the leading healthcare companies, including Intarcia Therapeutics, Aimmune Therapeutics, 10x Genomics and Aerie Pharmaceuticals. Jim says that working with effective thought leaders in the industry has served to enhance his ideas. The shrewd entrepreneur posits that Foresite Capital is founded on the basis of helping different companies to make scientific discoveries that can have the greatest impact on healthcare.

Jim acknowledges that to him, family comes first. When he is not at home, he is busy networking and interacting with his friends. At work, Tananbaum spends time with his team discussing about the existing portfolios in his company. Visit Foresite Capital’s Facebook page for more information.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim has continued to appear on the Midas List owing to his major investments in the healthcare industry. He has invested in unicorn Intarcia Therapeutics and Juno Therapeutics. In December of 2014, the latter went public as the largest biotech IPO. Notably, Tananbaum has invested in Puma Technology.

The executive is credited for leading a Series B funding that raised $80 million in 2015 for Aimmune Pharmaceuticals, a leading food allergy immunotherapy treatment. Tananbaum is an alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Yale University.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Continued Growth Compared to Amazon

The reason that most clothing retailers will compare themselves to Amazon is because they sit high atop the fashion e-commerce market. The trouble for these clothing companies is that Amazon is so dominant, bringing in over 20 percent of all the sales in this space, making it hard for the thousands of others in that space to compete. That doesn’t appear to be a concern for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, as they have emerged from that pack at the bottom and are making a rush towards the top. In a little less than three years, we find that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is already banking $250 million in sales of women’s workout apparel.


If you were to try and get Hudson to sit down and talk about the success behind her athleisure brand, she will talk to you about her membership package and the reverse showrooming sales technique. To see them in action, all you need to do is get your membership and head over to the Fabletics retail stores at any number of local malls. What you see inside the store is quite unique as compared to other clothing stores. The customer at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics are trying on every piece of workout clothing, they are taking the lifestyle quiz, and they are browsing all the racks for the latest styles in women’s active-wear.


The march towards Amazon in this extremely competitive fashion e-commerce market now moves online. Every piece that a customer tries on inside the stores at the mall are going to be uploaded to your Fabletics account. What this does is make it easier for the customer to continue shopping at a later time, and it allows them to shop without concern that the pieces are going to fit them. Now that they know exactly how it will look on their frame, these women are then free to hit the enormous online inventory and buy up all the leggings and yoga pants that they could want.


The membership perks that await Kate Hudson’s Fabletics shoppers are impressive. Not only are these women getting free shipping for their online orders, they get discounts on all active-wear, as well as your very own Fabletics shopping assistant. Compare these perks to the one you get at Amazon, discounted shopping. At Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, this is a unique shopping experience where the customer is rewarded for their loyalty with numerous perks they can actually use.

Karl Heideck – An Attorney With Unmatched Track Record In Philadelphia

One of the biggest challenges faced by the people when they are filing a lawsuit or defending one is which lawyer to hire. If you are involved in any corporate or financial lawsuit in Greater Philadelphia, and looking for a lawyer, then Karl Heideck is one lawyer you can trust with eyes closed. Karl Heideck has one of the most successful track records in the past seven years he has been practicing law independently.

Karl Heideck currently works for Hire Counsel that provides legal services to law firms, companies, corporations, and even individuals. In the past, Karl Heideck has worked for firms such as Conrad O’Brien and Pepper Hamilton LLP. With extensive experience in the field of law and has worked with some of the top lawyers in law industry, Karl Heideck has been able to make a name for himself in the area of law in Philadelphia in a short period.

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Karl Heideck says that whether the lawyer would be successful or not can be seen in the way he or she carries himself through the years in college and afterward. Karl Heideck says that it is important for a lawyer to have a sound knowledge of the law as there is no on-site training in the field of law like in other industries. The lawyer should have good grades and must be able to speak with authority, and such a confidence would only come when the lawyer is well versed in the law he specializes in. Karl Heideck said that good grades are also essential as that would ensure that the lawyer can find a job at a reputed law firm, which would give them the much-needed exposure and experience necessary to start independent practice in the future.

Karl Heideck says that the law students must be good with building relationships with fellow law students, senior lawyers, practicing lawyers, and other legal professionals from the time they are in college itself. He says that good network in the field of law is needed for many different reasons, and the key to building a good network is to start early during the college days itself.


Jim Tananbaum Brings Innovation To Healthcare

Mindstrong Health is making waves in the healthcare industry with their new AI based technology platform. This platform uses smartphone usage in order to track and record brain function. According to an article by, in just the first round of funding, they were able to secure $14 million in funding from Foresite Capital, ARCH Venture Partners, Optum Ventures and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund. This technology is likely to lead to a breakthrough in the mental health area thanks to its innovative design. It has the potential to change the lives of anyone suffering from a mental disorder, and it will also allow the people in the healthcare field to better understand mental health and brain activity.

Info from Market Wired says that the platform was created in order to record the pattern of smartphone use, like scrolling or typing out a text message, and integrate that into the measurement of cognitive function. This will provide information about the person’s cognition, biomarkers, mood, and memory. Currently, mental disorders are diagnosed in a subjective manner and it is difficult to fully understand them the same way we do more physical ailments. Mindstrong seeks to eliminate this subjective practice of diagnosis and transform it into a factual process. Instead of being diagnosed in an uncomfortable and clinical setting, the data will be recorded throughout an average day. This will result in a more accurate diagnosis and will benefit the people struggling with mental illness.

Foresite, one of Mindstrong Health’s main investors, is very excited about this new technology. Their CEO and Managing Direction, Jim Tananbaum, believes this will be revolutionary in the healthcare industry as well as in investing. He believes this platform will not only save lives, but it will also save the healthcare industry a lot of money on some of the avoidable injuries that result from mental disorders.

Jim has been heavily involved in the healthcare and investing world for 25 years. Jim Tananbaum attended Yale, Harvard Medical, Harvard Law, and MIT. He has spent the last 25 years creating and aiding various medical franchises. Check out his Linked In page to learn more.

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How Nathaniel Rue Brought Back The Good

Nathan Rue is the individual who is the CEO of Sweetgreen. Nathan Rue graduated from Georgetown University in 2007. He got his bachelors of science degree in finance. Rue got together with some of his like minded colleagues from Georgetown University, and they created a company that was called Sweetgreen. Nathan Rue and his colleagues had an idea to create a fast food chain that actually sold food that was organic and healthy. This is a company that focuses on organic and locally grown food. Learn more:


Nathaniel Rue is an individual who passionately believes in the importance of healthy food and healthy living. Rue wanted to be able to provide his community with food that was healthy, earth friendly, and good tasting. Rue believes that it is important for individuals to be able to have healthy and nutritious food that is affordable and from their community. With that idea in mind, Nathaniel Rue and his partners started Sweet life. Sweet life has now grown to be the nation’s largest music and food Festival. This is an event that is much like their restaurant. It is a musical event that focuses on health, well-being, and organic food. Learn more:


Recently, Fortune did an article about how the Sweetgreen cofounders are making a new fast food model. They wanted to create a brand that stands for something. They are a company that is dedicated to feeding people good food. 30% of the daily transactions that are made by Sweetgreen are made through their website or on their mobile app. Sweetgreen is a company that has been able to streamline the ordering process, and that is the reason why they are company has had so much success in the recent years. The three managers of the company are constantly thinking about innovative ways to keep close ties with their customers. Five times a year sweetgreen closes their corporate offices so that everyone can work in the restaurants.


Sweetgreen is a company that operates without a main headquarter, and they do all that they can to grow their company nationally. The three owners of the company took entrepreneurship classes together, and all of their parents also started their own businesses; they were all first-time immigrants. Since that is the case, they have the drive, innovation, and the know-how to create a very highly successful business.

Shedding light of Dick DeVos’s family and their Charitable Donations

Dick and Betsy DeVos, for their many political donations, have received a lot of public attention and also been highly criticized for the act for many years. However, their charitable donations which amount to $139M in over their life surpassed their political donations. Betsy DeVos was highly scrutinized when she was she was nominated for a secretary role in the U.S Education. The scrutiny was mainly in the areas of her donations school choices. The couple later decided to shed light on the donations they had made through their foundation on various philanthropic causes.


According to a report on their website, DeVos family made a donation of $11.6 million to charity in the year 2015. The amount was double the amount they had contributed over the past five years towards campaigns. The family is among the top persons that make huge contributions to both the charity organizations and Republicans. In the year 2015, the family was ranked the 24th position in Forbes list for the category of Top Givers, having contributed $104 million to charity.


Nevertheless, the DeVos family rank education matters on their philanthropy efforts. For instance, in the year 2015, they made over $3million to cater for education matters, and this was about 26% of their total charitable contributions. The DeVos’s family have highlighted that their foundation is keen on improving the existing education system in America as the current system was not fulfilling. The top matter highlighted about the education system is that the school choice system shuts some kids who are born in a wrong Zip Code area.


Dick DeVos, born on 21st October 1955, is a businessman and entrepreneur from Michigan. Dick DeVos is the current president of Windquest Group. Dick has also held top ranks in other companies like NBA, Amway, and Orlando Magic Franchise. While at Amway, he worked as the president where he oversaw all the firm’s operation in over six continents. Under his governance, Amway opened new markets and was able to triple their international sales to surpass domestic sales for the first time in the firm’s history. During his final financial year at Amway, the firm recorded $4.5 billion worth of sales.


Dick DeVos, aside from his business positions, is a leader in various community initiatives. Dick initiated the Education Freedom Fund which has presented over 4000 scholarships to needy children residing in Michigan. Dick, in 2006, was a Republican candidate for the Governorship position in Michigan. His book known as Rediscovering American Values was published in 1997, and the book is available in seven languages.


Dick DeVos is a graduate of Northwood University. He is a helicopter pilot and a two-time Nationwide Champion sailor. Dick has been married to Betsy Prince, and they are blessed with seven kids and five grandchildren.

The Secrets of Roberto Santiago’s Success

Do you know the hassle of establishing a shopping center and some things that need to be accounted for before constructing the building? There are so many variables, and those are the main reasons why many shopping malls end up failing. The cost of building such a massive buying center and not planning the entire thing until the end is a receipt for disaster.

Roberto Santiago knew this very well. By putting all his knowledge into developing a robust plan for a shopping center in the Brazilian state of Paraíba, one of the most populous ones in the region that it is situated, Santiago would become one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the area.

The Manaíra Shopping was built in Manaíra, João Pessoa, and it was inaugurated in 1989, having been in development phase for two consecutive years. Although it wasn’t that long of a waiting time for a shopping center with the length of Manaira Shopping, the community of João Pessoa was keen to see the full project with their own eyes. Know more about Roberto Santiago at

When the shopping center was finally ready to receive its customers, the first few days were rough, as the high amount of people coming and going from the building was not compensating the expensive cost of the project. However, as Roberto Santiago did not fully know yet, customers tend to visit the shopping center to walk with their friends and have lunch together, but rarely do they buy a lot of things at the local shops. When weekends started to come by, Roberto Santiago saw the real potential of the Manaíra Shopping, and all the expenses of the initial project became a small percentage of what the buying center was accumulating every month.

The entrepreneur got excited with the development of his creation, and he did not rest assured that it would be a success. Instead, he has been making decisions and changes to improve the shopping center he created since day 1, making full renovations, rebuilding and expansions of the territory. The constant dedication of the administrator was the primary reason on why the Manaíra Shopping became the most renowned center in Paraíba.

Among the changes that the entrepreneur made to his building, in 2014, there was a crucial one, a redesign of the lunch area where he established a “gourmet area” where Brazilians and tourists could visit eccentric and unusual restaurants who served foods of the most distinct origin. That was a great idea, and the reception was extremely positive.

The shopping has a focus on leisure, and one of these examples is the top quality cinema that the building has the open area where kids can run and have a lot of fun together, and the Domus Hall, a concert area where shows and presentations take place for the customers of the Manaíra Shopping. The Domus Hall is located on top of the building, and it is one of the most visited places by tourists who pass by João Pessoa.

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The secret of the success of Roberto Santiago is: Planning until the end. Making the best decisions reduces the chances of error, but there is always a bit of luck mixed in as well.

Sam Boraie Redesigns the New Brunswick City

Boraie Development firm is a real estate company based in New Jersey that specializes in modern urban development. Omar Boraie is the president of the enterprise. Before founding Boraie Development, Omar was a chemistry scholar. It was in one of the numerous tours to the world that he developed interests in real estate field. When Mr. Boraie compared what he had seen in countries like Europe and what was in his hometown New Brunswick, they were way far behind the world. He decided to borrow their ideas and implement them in order to build and redesign his hometown. He started working on is his dream in 1972, and everyone thought he was crazy. According to the article published through Central Jersey Working Moms, Omar indicated that the New Brunswick people left the town immediately after working hours and the city would remain deserted. He decided to work on run-down buildings and block 21 vacant. You can visit Bloomberg to know more about the company.

New Brunswick Transformed to Modern City

He built high-rise condos and office in the deserted plots of land. Some developers thought the idea was not going to succeed. He decided to buy off some plots of land and unfinished building structures along the Albany Street. In early 1980, the Albany Street Tower Plaza was completed. By 1990, New Brunswick had a 250, 000 square foot high rise building with well-designed offices. After this venture, Omar realized that the town needed residential units for the people so that they stop commuting to other cities for accommodation. By 2007, he had completed the Spring Street Condominium tower, which has 121 units, a 25 story structure, with parking garage, and retail shop space. The modern building was built in a similar architecture like the one in New York City. Being an Egyptian immigrant, Omar had competitive experience in buildings and construction.

Boraie Development Firm Overview

Boraie Development provides a variety of services in the urban real estate market such as sales and marketing, property management and real estate development. Sam Boraie privately owns the company.The firm offers unparalleled services to the clients and builds spectacular properties. It has a team of qualified architects, urban planners, contractors and work with reputable financial institutions to ensure timely completion of customers’ projects. The sale and marketing department has the Boraie Realty subsidiary, which has over $100 million sales in commercial and residential transactions. Their vision is to keep their sale knowledge proprietary by integrating asset management and development to understand key factors that predict intricacies for all growth and development of the firm. Reference

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